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Build Skills for Life

In our 1:1 and small group lessons, The Coding Space pairs your child with an expert instructor following a schedule that fits your family's needs. Your child will learn how to code and think like a computer scientist, setting them up for success in tech and beyond.


What's included

Customized Curriculum

Personalized Curriculum

Your child will follow a self-paced, customized curriculum in Scratch, JavaScript, Python, and more, depending on their skills and interests.

Lesson Summaries

Detailed Lesson Summaries

Our expert instructors provide detailed lesson summaries after every lesson, delivered directly to your inbox.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

We partner with students and parents at every step and are always here to answer your questions.


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Not Your Typical Coding Experience

At The Coding Space, we specialize in providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for kids to have fun, be challenged, and discover their passions. Our teachers never lecture; instead, they ask targeted questions using the Socratic Method to get students thinking and problem solving on their own. By focusing on the development of computational thinking skills, intellectual confidence, self-expression, and independence, our students learn to code while growing as thinkers, learners, and leaders. 

“My daughter is progressing and being challenged. I hope that she continues these Saturday coding classes for years to come.” -Larry G.

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